Meet the Hungarian JAS team

They are the people who will assist you with their knowledge, experience and helpfulness in sending your shipment or package wherever you want it to as quickly and safely as possible. All of this is done in a way that all the administrative tasks are assumed by our team. It’s not by accident: we are experts in freight forwarding … and we love to do it.


Tonelli Pál

Pál Tonelli

Managing Director

Balogh Anett

Anett Balogh

Office Manager 20/4317600

Operational staff

Air transport

Völgyesi Katalin

Katalin Völgyesi

Air Export Assistant 20/8011511


Izabella Berényi

Air Import Assistant 20/2779757

Hegedűsné Nagy Agnes

Ágnes Hegedűsné Nagy

Air administration 20/3110336

Ocean freight
Szakács Gabriella

Gabriella Szakács

Sea Export LCL 20/2788681


Gábor Kardosi

Sea Export LCL 20/4112161

Csetneki Nikolett

Nikolett Csetneki

Sea Import Assistant 20/5210977


Andrea Szvoboda

Sea Import Assistant 20/4016918

Hegedűs Zoltán

Zoltán Hegedűs

Head of Customs Group 29/350-005



Andrea Györfi

quotes 20/3415833


Andriska Márta

Márta Andriska

CFO 20/9316668

Gundrum Gabriella

Gabriella Gundrum

Financial Assistant 20/3109943

Pinczi Krisztina

Krisztina Pinczi

Financial Assistant 20/4991101