Where can I find JAS? In the air, ocean and land…


IIt has been almost a quarter of a century now that JAS has been providing air shipping to its Partners. Such a long time was more than enough to become a member of the international trade organisation IATA and establish relationships with almost all airlines worldwide which enables us to provide our Partners with the fastest, safest and most accurate freight service. But this is by far not all.

We do not leave our Partners’ cargo or package alone even after landing, because thanks to the international office network supporting JAS, door-to-door delivery can also be arranged for as quickly as possible … even if the two addresses are separated by an ocean. On the mainland we operate vans as well as trucks with a loading capacity of 7.5 and 24 tons. In addition to that’s all we still have benefits in shipping that few other companies can offer to you …

  • We can arrange for electronic customs clearance of our Partners’ shipments almost 24 hours a day, so there are no unnecessary waiting times for your shipments.
  • We also assist our Partners in the preparation and proper packaging of shipments in accordance with the laws through our subcontractors.
  • We also handle customs clearance overseas thanks to our offices around the world.
  • We also carry livestock and dangerous goods without any problems as our colleagues have the necessary Live Animal and DGR exams.
  • We also regularly carry temperature controlled goods.
  • Thanks to our experience in charter deliveries, we also offer full management of these types of services on a 24/7 basis.
  • We also provide Sea & Air shipping, which is an intermediate solution between ocean and air shipping in terms of cost and transit time.

In fact, we take even more of the burden off our partners as, thanks to our full service, we first assess the needs of our Partners and then select the transport mode and route that guarantee the fastest delivery and most favorable conditions.


What can be transported on water will be delivered by JAS to its Partners, and we do that in the shortest possible time and without any problems.

Of course, everybody is interested in what happens to their shipment once the ship has docked. Well, for JAS Partners, we can guarantee door-to-door delivery both for air shipping and sea shipping. This reduces the time for administration and paperwork in an amazing way. But let’s take a look at the full range of services we provide to our Partners in the field of sea transport.

FCL – Full Container Load

Not only does JAS book vessel capacity for its Partners, but it also manages the associated pre-carriage and on-carriage jobs on railway and road as well. However, all this is just a small part of the full service we can guarantee to JAS Partners under any circumstances.

  • We manage customs clearance for containers
  • Even at the port
  • If our Partner does not have the infrastructure to load containers, the JAS team will also take care of it
  • Moreover, we can also arrange for securing the goods inside the container
  • Thus, both door-to-door delivery and liability are managed by the same entity

LCL – Less than Container Load

The gateway points created by the JAS Group guarantee the safety and speed of consolidated shipping. The most significant gateway point for our Hungarian Partners is located in Hamburg, Germany. From there, regular consol containers depart for the ports of Shanghai, Hong Kong, Nagoya, Charleston and Santos. Of course, we can deliver consolidated shipments with exceptional security and record speed not only to the cities listed above, but to anywhere in the world.

In addition, we dispatch collection trucks weekly to the ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven. On request, we also send customer consols (both for export and import). We offer direct cargo consolidation solutions for Chinese and American imports, whereby containers are only unloaded in the Budapest consolidation warehouse, thus increasing the security of the goods.

In case of sea transport, we first assess the needs of our Partners and then select the transport mode and route that guarantee the fastest delivery and most favorable conditions. In fact, all work starts at JAS with identifying the needs of our Partners.